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SEO Server is a server that has been set up entirely without searching difficult, word study settings and troublesome installations, studying, listening to people, or reading books.

Even if you choose any template, the SEO server will cost 24,800 yen for the initial cost and 1,900 yen per month.  >> Click here for the template list

【What is initial cost】
Server setting · Work to put domain on server · Change name server · DNS setting · MySQL setting
Wordpress introduction · Designated template installation · Template purchase price, all are included. (Domain acquisition substitution is free.)

【Monthly charge】 It is
monthly server, maintenance fee for WordPress.

Only for SEO server subscribers, template change (addition) is done at 1 template ¥ 3,000.

Payment method
SEO server offers two kinds of credit card payment (PayPal) and bank transfer.

Initial fee + Monthly payment
Summarized, lump sum payment for one year
Pay for initial cost only Pay only for 1,900 yen per month Monthly ¥ 1,900
per month per month
Bank transfer

Japan Net Bank Suzume branch (sparrow)
store number: 002 【ordinary】 account number: 4040189
transfer name : Takaya Tomoaki

* Customers who wish to pay monthly for server expenses at credit card payment must pay “Payment of initial cost only” and “Monthly amount of 1,900 yen monthly payment” at Paypal.
For the use of SEO server, initial cost 24,800 yen + server cost 1,900 yen is required in the first month.
Please apply after paying with Paypal or bank transfer.

* The mark is mandatory.

* Name (Please fill in the remarks column if the name of the transfer is different from the applicant.)

* Mail address

* Do you have a domain? (If you wish to obtain domain procurement please also pay the domain fee.)
 Use already owned domain. Please ask for domain acquisition substitution. (In the case of domain acquisition substitution, an invoice for domain fee will be received separately.)

* Please fill in the creation domain (URL).

* Template No (required)  Confirm template No.

* Payment (multiple selections possible)
 We paid “Initial fee + monthly payment together, one-year lump sum payment”. We only paid “initial cost”.  We paid “only 1,900 yen per month”. “1,900 yen monthly monthly” was paid.  I paid by bank transfer so fill in the remarks column for details.

Remarks (In case of bank transfer or if there is something else please fill in.)

SEO Server Terms of Service

 I agree with the Terms & Conditions

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