Flow of use

SEO ServerFlow of using the
SEO server The SEO server is a server that has been set up completely without searching difficult wordset settings and troublesome installations, studying, listening to people, or reading books.

you do not have a domain that decides STPE 1 acquisition domain , please search your favorite free domain withyour name .com, and decide which domain to acquire.
Please click here for the domain. (Domain fee will be charged separately.) Please refer to your name .com for domain cost.)
* For those with domain, various settings are required sopleaseinform usofyourdomain acquisition company frominquiries. I will tell you how to set up DNS.

STPE 2 Choosing
a template Please choose your favoriteWordPress template. Please fill out the template number of your choice on the application page.

Please fill in the necessary information on STPE 3 application
 application pageand send it.
As soon as payment is confirmed (in case of PayPal, it will start working). Please wait 1 ~ 5 business days till completion.

STPE 4 Delivery! 
We will give you a wordpress by e-mail at the specified domain (URL), specified template.
Delivery contents are your own domain URL, wordpress management screen, usage instructions.
Without difficult setting or troublesome uploading etc., you can use wordpress of your own domain immediately.

‘s all set server + wordpress even if you study hard setting and troublesome installation, study, listen to people, or do not read books !

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