No setting required

The SEO server does not require difficult setting.

It is easy for familiar people to operate homepage and blog using WordPress in your own domain, but work is a high threshold for first-time people.
So, we will do all the work on behalf of the company, and immediately give it to WordPress so that it can be used in your favorite template.

To install WordPress, you need the following work. SEO Server Company A server Company B server
Domain acquisition Domain acquisition proxy Each one gets Each one gets
DNS · Name server setting Passed set Personal setting Personal setting
Work to put the domain into the server Passed set Personal setting Personal setting
MySQL Settings Passed set Personal setting Personal setting
Introduction of WordPress Installed Passing Each installation Each installation
WordPress template Please
give it after installing the specified template
Default theme Default theme
Template purchase price Free (included in initial cost) Find and buy by yourself Find and buy by yourself

The SEO server is a server that has been set up entirely without searching hard, difficult to find wordpress settings and troublesome installations, studying, listening to people, or reading books.

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