Just worrying useless! Now SEO Server

Are you suffering from domain acquisition, server setting, wordpress introduction, setting? With the SEO server you can use it immediately without having to worry about setting up and working.

Full support from WP’s management screen!

Please also inform us of weak beginners on the net.
Even if you know how to use, settings, and customization methods you can help from the administration screen.

Abundant WP design template

The SEO server offers not only major browsers, but also responsive designs that automatically correspond to smartphones and mobile phones.

Reason for choosing SEO SERVER!

Beginners can now have a site used by professionals.
  • Domestic Class C IP Distributed Server

    If only links from the same IP address are handled as spam, you must send the link from a different IP! It is recommended for those who say.Continue here

  • More than 300 rich designs

    Selected design that visitors have the most sense of security and trust. Now you can use it! It is a template that professional traders also use.Continue here

  • Safe even for beginners

    I have never acquired a domain. I never used WordPress. It is safe for those who do not know the setting at all. All set delivery. Fully supported.Continue here

  • Advantage for SEO optimization high-order display

    WordPress is designed to accommodate 80% to 90% of search engine high-level display, SEO method.Continue here

The SEO server operates with Class C Domestic IP Distribution and is a server advantageous to SEO. Those who use the SEO server can do IP dispersion necessary for external measures against SEO measures.
Also, you can also use the industry’s first FTP system that can also upload WP using SEO server to server from its own wordpress management screen.
SEO server capacity: The SEO server offers 2 GB capacity per domain. Please be assured we can respond even if it becomes a site of 2 GB or more during the contract.
2 GB is about 10,000 pages of 1,000 character pages. A page of 1 photo + 1,000 characters is about 6,000 pages. On ordinary sites rarely have sites exceeding 2 GB.
Maximum features of SEO server> It is not necessary to perform difficult server setting. Introducing WordPress and hand it over. You can see explanations and ask questions from WordPress’s administration screen.
It is a server that is familiar to many people, from a person who uses the server for the first time to novice beginners, professional site creator, shop owner, SEO trader, administrators.
Industry first! You can inquire from the administration screen with instructions on WordPress’s administration screen. Support system is also thorough so please use the SEO server if you are unsure about the server company.

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