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SEO ServerFeatures of SEO server

For beginners, you can use a system that professionals can easily and quickly use right now. All abundant functions are cheap for comicomi! Support is also thorough!

  • Quickly operate without stress

    Because we are using the top class server in Japan, reaction is also fast and it is advantageous for SEO measures.

  • More than 300 rich designs

    Now you can use it! It is a template that professional traders also use.

  • SEO optimization

    WordPress WordPress is made to correspond to 80% ~ 90% of the SEO method.

  • Industry first! WordPress
    How to use!

    Even beginners will not get lost, so you can see the 24 hour explanation so you can create a site without hesitation.

  • Support various files

    You can easily incorporate YouTube videos as well as creating images and photo libraries.

  • Create a new page with 1 click

    When adding a new page to the homepage, usually it is charged but free and you can add don dong with one click.

  • Your favorite design
    Easy to customize

    Easily change the header logo or customize it to your favorite color and font in a matter of seconds.

  • Free & one click
    System construction

    By using WordPress’s own free function, advanced site management such as portal site and shopping site is also possible.

  • From anywhere on the website
    Can be updated or created

    Since we manage the homepage on the server, it is possible at any time if there is an environment that leads to WEB from any computer, anywhere.

  • Compatible with all browsers

    Even if you look at any browser it will not cause collapse of the homepage. It also supports IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

  • You can upload various files

    You can also upload and view materials such as PDF and word, you can also create invoices and download them.

  • Font also freely set OK

    If it is a corresponding font, it can be expressed with handwriting style letters or brush style wind.

  • Easy insertion of Google Maps

    Since you can insert Google Maps without creating maps of shops and companies, you can display maps more easily than any image.

  • Mail form etc are also free
    Easy creation

    System such as mail form uses special program, but can be easily created using free function. Moreover, you can set any number of input items freely.

  • You can freely select the image color of the site

    For example, even if there is a favorite design, there are various wishes such as “I want to use it if it is blue.” Even with the same design, multiple image color templates are available.

  • HTML5 / CSS3

    Normally, when viewing sites on a smartphone or mobile phone as well as personal computers, it was necessary to create separate sites for each. In our company, we respond to designs for personal computers by changing their shapes freely and optimizing them for each.

  • Easy customization

    Because it is a wordpress dedicated server, it moves comfortably, and because the video explanation is also complete, it realized reduction of time and effort to you without worrying.

  • Collaboration with social media is also possible

    You can easily link and display with Facebook and Twitter. You can create more information and sites that do not get tired of visitors.

  • Structure that can withstand load

    When creating a site, according to the server it becomes very slow, and when there are many accesses, there are things that can not tolerate that load. We are providing high quality environment so please rest assured.

  • User-optimized
    Design design

    There is a certain law in fact on the homepage where it is easy to see and feel secure and reliable. We thoroughly investigated the site of WordPress, carefully selected the user’s most visible design type.

  • High quality production software

    Expensive software is necessary to create things that can make significant changes to images or things that can be posted on the site when editing favorite images. We are also introducing free software that can be used by professionals.

  • Also expertise
    there is no need

    Regular site creation requires the minimum necessary knowledge such as HTML language and program code, but advanced site creation is possible with words and free blog sense.

  • To the latest version
    Easy version upgrade

    When the latest version comes out, you will be notified immediately on the management screen. Upgrading to the latest version can be done easily with just one click.

  • Also a blog and a website
    Simultaneous creation

    In addition to the operation of the homepage, there are also many requests for blogging with the same design. With WordPress, simultaneous management of the homepage and blog can proceed without trouble on one management screen.

  • You can also upload your own movies

    WordPress can also upload your own movies. With the SEO server, you can realize comfortable uploading of the video without stress.

  • Also a favorite button
    Easy creation

    You can easily create favorite buttons that let users’ “favorite registration” on their site by copy & paste.

The biggest feature of the SEO server is that support is substantial. Click here for details! 

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